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National Reality:
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens.
64% of teens have used prescription painkillers received from others.
70% of teens have had sexual relations before the age of 19.

Southern Hills Youth For Christ currently walks in Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships with 150 youth. But the statistics and numbers are not anonymous to us. We recognize that each number represents a face, a soul, a story.

That brings us to the number 500. We want to see Southern Hills YFC positioned to engage 500 overlooked, ignored, and lost teenagers every single year in Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships.

But we don’t simply aspire to reach and engage 500 KIDS. We passionately desire to reach and engage Every ONE. In doing this we are determined to set conditions within our organization to sustain this dream.

Our biggest limitation is in the way of resources—time, talent, and treasure. The Campaign for 500 kids is our plan to collaboratively address the resource limitations and practically set conditions to propel our mission towards our 500 kids dream.

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